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1:12 Scale Dollhouse Mattress Tutorial

Dollhouse Mattress Tutorial
Dollhouse Mattress Tutorial

Here’s an easy dollhouse mattress tutorial for you. There’s minimal sewing involved, and it’s really quick to make!

My project for January was to construct 1:12 scale dollhouse beds. They turned out so adorable that I couldn’t wait to start my DIY mattress making project and see what they would look like finished. The beds are made entirely of scrap materials I had in my stash and eventually, they will be for sale in my shop. I loosely followed the YouTube tutorial by Julie Warren. Some of the beds will go to Dawn @livecreatively365 for decorating and dressing, and the rest I will paint and furnish with mattresses so that people can add their own finishing touches.

Children's beds dollhouse 1/12 scale

These are the colours I have in mind. The beds still need some sanding and several coats of paint, but I couldn’t wait to get started with the mattresses so let’s jump right to that.

I had a large piece of old stripy curtain in my stash. You can see in the selvage that it was originally blue with a charcoal stipe but now it’s a gentle, faded grey. Perfect!

dollhouse mattress making no-sew vs sewn

My first attempt was the mattress on the left, following Ara’s tutorial at Bentley House. Hers is a tutorial for a no-sew mattress using foam core board so if you are averse to sewing, head straight over there. Ara’s tutorials are inspirational. I spent hours trying to glue the sides of the mattress neatly. To my mind, glue and fabric don’t really go together. If it can be sewn, it should be sewn. Eventually, I gave up and sewed the mattress by hand, but it still didn’t look great. Then I invented my own method. Ta da, mattress on the right.

dollhouse bed mattress core

The core of my dollhouse mattress consists of three layers – a piece of cereal box measured to fit the base of the bed, a layer of 14mm foam, and a layer of blue craft felt. This is what I had in my stash. When I make more mattresses, I will use slightly thicker foam and possibly quilt batting instead of felt but the materials I had on hand actually worked better than I expected. Glue the layers together.

Mark out a 15mm block grid on the card, then use an awl to poke a hole at each intersection. You can see that I snipped a small triangle off the corners of the card. This is because I want the mattress corners to be rounded.

I used a piece of card the same size as the mattress as a template and added a 10mm seam allowance all around. Cut the fabric with the stripes running lengthwise. Next, I cut a 30mm-wide strip of fabric long enough to go around the mattress. This time the stripes run across. Sew the strip around the mattress cover. Here you can see how it looks on the wrong side and turned right side out.

When making miniatures with fabric, ironing the seams is very important. Compare left and right, smooth seams make all the difference.

The mattresses inside their covers. You can see the wrong side and the right side. It should be a snug fit.

Fold the raw edges over the card and glue down. Start with the long sides, then glue the short ends.

making a tufted dollhouse mattress

Now comes the fun part. Using a long needle and strong thread, start from the back and sew a little tuft in each of the grid holes you made. It is important to stick the needle straight through the mattress. Make a 2mm stitch on the top side of the mattress, then poke the needle straight through to the back and out the same hole. Move on to the next hole and tuft the entire mattress. You can pull the stitches tight as you go. Because you’re using a continuous strand of thread, it’s possible to pull on the thread at the back to tighten or release the tufts until they are equal.

Back and front of the finished mattress.

reverse side of dollhouse mattress

I tidied up the back by gluing a piece of grey felt over the threads.

dollhouse girls and boys beds

One for a little boy, and one for a girl, I love my dollhouse beds so far!

dollhouse bed with blanket and teddy bear

This little bed is mine. I’m ready to crawl under the blankets and read a book.

11 thoughts on “1:12 Scale Dollhouse Mattress Tutorial”

    1. I’m so glad you like my tutorial, Bonnie. By now I’m sure you’ve made a stack of mattresses and they turned out plump and adorable.

  1. Simple instructions and great photos…you are a great tutor. Thank you as I have 12:1 bunkbeds and a baby crib to make mattresses for.

    1. Thank you so much, Shari! I hope your mattresses turn out perfect. Sounds like you have an interesting project on the go.

  2. Thank you 😊 this is just what I was looking for. I need 2 mattresses for my granddaughters rooms in the dollhouse. How fun 🤩

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