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15mm Black Triangle Safety Nose

R 6.50

This is a safety nose with washer for soft toy making. Triangle noses are a good choice for amigurumi animals, teddy bears, and almost any kind of toy.


What is a Safety Nose?

Soft toy noses are usually made of plastic. If you are looking for an easy way to add a black safety nose to your crochet, soft toy, teddy bear, sculpture, or other craft, a this is the answer. Each nose has a stem (also called a rod or shank) at the back. You can secure the nose to your toy by pushing a metal or plastic washer over the stem. Once the washer is attached, it can’t be removed again. Hence, safety noses. In fact, safety noses are the best type to use if you knit, crochet, or sew soft toys for children. Some noses are made to sew in place, or glue on.  These type of noses are great for clay sculpture and needle felting because they have a smooth stem.

Which Types of Crafts can use Safety Noses?

Safety noses are also sometimes called craft noses because they’re so affordable and versatile.  You can use the noses for soft toy making, paper crafts, felt toys, scrap booking, and many other crafts. Some of our customers even use plastic noses to make their fly fishing lures.

How to Choose the Right Size Black Safety Nose

The size of a soft toy nose is a personal preference. A tiny nose can be ‘cute as a button’, while a large nose suits a caricature or quirky character. If your pattern doesn’t specify which size nose to buy, you can take a ruler and measure the size you think will work best. Remember that the size is indicated in millimeters.

How Do You Attach Safety Noses?

  • Push a pin with a large head into the toy head where you think you want to attach the nose. Usually this is the corner where the gusset and two side head pieces meet up. Move the pin around until you’re happy with the placement and symmetry. Mark the spot by making a small spot with a felt tip pen.
  • Use an awl, knitting needle, or chopstick to wriggle a hole in the fabric so that the stem of the nose can fit through.
  • On the inside of your toy, push the washer over the stem. The raised side of the washer faces out. Press the washer down firmly until it rests against the back of the nose. Sometimes this needs a bit of force; I like to place a thread spool over the washer so that the stem of the nose goes into the hole in the center of the spool, then give the thread spool a firm whack with my fist 🙂

P.S. Want to learn how to make a quick softie using a safety nose and eyes? HERE‘s a free pattern and instructions!




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