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10mm Pink Wavy Synthetic Fur

10mm Pink wavy synthetic fur. This vabric has a very pale, subtle colour and lovely dense structure.

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Pink wavy synthetic fur is an exciting and affordable fabric to work with. It is soft, dense, and cuddly. Fake fur, fun fur, ko-hair, plush fabric; call it what you like but everyone will want to touch and play with a toy you make from this fabric.

Here you will find pile lengths ranging from 8mm to 22mm, and most fabrics have a featherred, curly, or straight texture. We try to take pictures to reflect the colour as closely as possible, but bear in mind that every device will display it differently.

Reasons to Use Synthetic Fur

Pink wavy synthetic fur for soft toys is washable, which makes it ideal for children’s toys. It’s not only for play time toys though; if you make collectable teddies or other forms of soft sculpture art, this a versatile medium to add dimension and colour to your creations.

How Much Fabric Do You Need?

Our fur comes in quarter meter pieces, measuring approximately 50cm x 70cm. This is usually enough to make a 40cm teddy or more than one smaller toy.

Also visit our Craft Felt page for complimentary fabric for footpads, faces, and accessories for your soft toys. If you make collectable teddybears, or want to take your skills to the next level, Mohair Fabric is ideal for your project.

Tips for Working With Synthetic Fur

  • The fabrics have a knitted backing, which makes them slightly stretchy. A thin line of fraycheck on the edges of your pattern parts before you cut them out will help them to retain their shape.
  • Use small, sharp scissors to cut your synthetic fur and take care to cut through the backing but not cut off the fur.
  • All synthetic fur tends to make lots of loose fluff when you start cutting it. You can work outside, or put the cut-out pieces in the tumble dryer on a cool cycle for half an hour to suck off the loose hairs. Some people also say that it helps to put the fabric in the freezer for a few hours before you cut it.
  • Take care not to overstuff your toy.
Fabric Size Options

1/4m (70cm x 50cm), 1/8m (50cm x 35cm)


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