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Synthetic Fur

Synthetic fur is an exciting and affordable fabric to work with. It is soft, cuddly, and comes in many textures and colours. Fake fur, fun fur, ko-hair, faux fur, plush fabric; call it what you like, we have the biggest selection of teddy bear fabric in South Africa. Everyone loves to touch and play with a teddy bear or toy made from this fabric.

Synthetic fur for soft toys is washable, which makes it ideal for children’s toys. It’s not only for play time toys though; if you make collectable teddies or other forms of soft sculpture art, this a versatile medium to add dimension and colour to your creations.

Our teddy bear fur fabric comes in quarter meter pieces, measuring approximately 50cm x 70cm. This is usually enough to make a 40cm teddy or more than one smaller toy.

THIS STORE HAS CLOSED. Thank you for your support over 25 years and for creating precious memories with me. Bowing out and blowing kisses. Megan

Showing all 23 results

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