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25mm White/Gold Sparkle Feathered German Mohair

25mm White with gold sparkles mohair with a soft, feathered texture . This luxurious fabric is soft and cloudy, with fine gold threads scattering sparkles through the fur. It comes from the Schulte factory in Germany.

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25mm White gold sparkles mohair with a soft, feathered texture . This luxurious fabric is soft and cloudy, with fine gold threads scattering sparkles through the fur. It comes from the Schulte factory in Germany.

What Makes Our Mohair Fabric for Teddy Bears Special

Almost all the mohair fabric for teddy bears that we sell was made here in South Africa. Sadly the Loubear factory no longer exists but the good news is that we still have some in stock. Once the last fabric is sold, there will be no more. When that happens we will need to switch over entirely to imported German mohair and although it is of the same great quality, comes with a much higher price tag.

Mohair fabric is made from the hair of goats. The fibers are spun into a thread, which is then woven into a sturdy cotton backing. The fabric goes through several stages of dyeing and washing to give it its distinctive colour and texture. Loubear treated the backing of their mohair with a thin layer of latex. The latex is invisible to the eye but it makes the fabric softer to handle and reduces fraying.

Some fabrics are made of 100% mohair on a cotton backing, while others are made of a 70% mohair blend with 30% viscose. By adding viscose to the mohair, the fabric becomes softer to touch.


Mohair factories produce the fabric in small quantities, which means that batches and dye lots often differ slightly. Because the process relies on traditional methods and is done mostly by hand, small flaws are not uncommon. You can regard it as a sign of character. We check every piece of fabric carefully before sending out your order to make sure that you receive top quality. It is important to note that we can’t guarantee that we will be able to send fabric from the same batch when you re-order. Please make sure that you have enough fabric to complete your teddy bear before you start cutting it out!

Device screens display colour differently. Photographic colour representations on the website are as accurate as we can make them.

How Much Fabric do You Need to Make a Soft Toy?

How much white gold sparkles mohair fabric you need will depend on the size of your teddy bear, as well as its shape. Bent limbs and a fatter body means that you might need a bit more fabric so always check your requirements list before you order. Here are some general guidelines for the size of teddy bear you can cut from a piece of fabric:

  • 1/4 meter – a teddy up to 45cm tall
  • 1/8 meter – a teddy up to 30cm tall
  • 1/16 meter – a teddy up to 22cm tall

Fabric Measurements for Teddy Bear Mohair

We sell our teddy bear fabric in three sizes – fat quarter, fat eighth, and one sixteenth of a meter. Please allow for 1-2cm variation due to hand cutting. Here are the fabric measurements in centimeters:

  • 1/4 meter = 70cm x 50cm
  • 1/8 meter = 50cm x 25cm
  • 1/16 meter = 35cm x 25cm

Making Toys With Mohair vs. Synthetic Fur

People often ask whether natural fiber is better than synthetic fur when making teddy bears and other soft toys. There isn’t a right or a wrong answer because faux fur and mohair fabric are two entirely different things. I like both equally and the project I’m working on will determine which type of fur I choose. Here are five ways in which to compare fun fur with mohair that might help you to decide which is best for you:

  • Mohair fabric is woven, which means that the backing is sturdy and does not stretch. Most faux furs are knitted fabric and the backing is stretchy, which makes it more of a challenge to shape and stuff when you make a toy.
  • Mohair can be rough to the touch and some people are allergic to animal hair. Fun fur on the other hand, is usually very soft and cuddly and small children love to snuggle with it.
  • Synthetic fur will deteriorate over time and the fibers will lose their gloss and start looking ‘sticky’. Mohair has stood the test of time. This is proven by teddy bears that are more than a 100 years old, still in good condition, and selling for a high price to collectors. If you want to make a teddy that can become an heirloom or be sold to a collector, I highly recommend mohair!
  • There is a world-wide movement to return to sustainable, natural materials for everyday use. Mohair is the ideal choice if you are environmentally conscious.
  • Man-made fibers such as synthetic fur are usually more affordable than natural mohair. This is because mohair comes from goats and needs to go through the steps of farming, harvesting, and processing in order to make it into fabric.

Do You Like This Fabric?

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Fabric Size Options

1/8m (50cm x 35cm)



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