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Picture Frame MF14 66mm x 82mm

R 32.00

Some of our favorite embellishments to add to dollhouses and other crafts are resin frames and decorative elements. You can buy a highly detailed piece at an affordable price and there are so many ways in which you can use it. It is also easy to paint or alter resin pieces yourself.

Dimensions: 66mm x 82mm.

Dollhouse Picture Frame MF14

Dollhouse Picture Frame MF14, like all top quality resin frames and decorative elements, is one of our favorite embellishments to add to dollhouses, scrap-booking, and other crafts. You can buy a highly detailed piece at an affordable price and there are so many ways in which you can use it. It is also easy to paint or alter resin pieces yourself.

If you are building a dollhouse and want to frame a miniature painting, this frame will be the ideal compliment to your decor. In addition, you can also buy this miniature picture frame to make a mirror.

The Colour of Your Resin Element May Vary

The natural colour of our resin decorative elements and frames vary from snow white to creamy yellow. The colour is determined by the type of resin we use and all resins tend to darken over time. If you want your embellishment to be pure white forever, we suggest that you paint it with acrylic paint or spray paint.

Preparing Resin Embellishments for Painting

Oil from your fingers and residue from mold release liquid may cause the paint to peel off resin surfaces. Before you paint your resin dollhouse frame or decorative element, wash it with soapy water and let it dry completely. Acrylic craft paint and spray paint work well on resin. You don’t need to use a primer. If you wish, you can seal the paint with clear varnish once it has dried completely.

What Glue do You Use on Resin Embellishments?

You can stick a resin decorative element to nearly anything – wood, plastic, fabric, glass, paper, metal. The type of surface you’re working on will determine the best type of glue to use. We use superglue or white craft glue for most of our projects.

Resin Decorative Elements Troubleshooting

The two most common challenges you might find with your resin elements are small membranes left over from the molding process, and pieces that don’t lie completely flat. You can fix both problems easily.

We clean and sand the back of all our resin decorative elements and frames but sometimes a thin membrane might be left over between the details, especially if it is a very fine design. Use a toothpick or the tip of a craft knife and gently poke the membrane out from the front side of the piece. Run the craft knife or your fingernail over the back to make sure it is completely smooth. If the membrane doesn’t want to release or there is an uneven spot, use an emery board or a piece of fine sandpaper on the back of the resin piece to smooth and remove the problem area.

If you don’t store your resin embellishments completely flat, they might warp over time. You can easily fix this by gently heating the resin element with a craft heat gun or hair dryer. Once it is warm and pliable, press it flat with your fingers and let it cool down in that position.

We stringently check our dollhouse frames and decorative elements to make sure that there are no defects. However, sometimes there is a small bubble in the resin. You can fill it with a drop of white craft glue on the tip of a toothpick.

Where do Our Resin Embellishments Come From?

Megan makes them in small batches in her studio right here in Pretoria, South Africa. Some designs are cast from molds that we imported, and in addition to that, some items are made from molds of Megan’s original sculptures.

If you are looking for inspiration to use your resin embellishments, visit Megan’s blog to see how she uses them. You will find our hand-picked selection of resin scrap-booking embellishments, dollhouse picture frames, and dollhouse decor elements in our shop.






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