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Mini Bear Velvet

If you prefer teddies with a smoother look or you want to make really tiny teddy bears in the 5cm to 15cm range, mini bear velvet is the ideal fabric to use. You will find that velvet has many advantages:

-The fabric is smooth, helping to define your teddy bear’s shape.

-Mini velvet has a sturdy cotton backing which does not fray at all. You can use it to sew even the tiniest teddies without worrying whether the weams will hold.

-Because the velvet is low-friction, it is easy to turn the parts right side out after sewing.

The usefulness of mini bear velvet fabric doesn’t stop with teddy bear making though. You can also use it for footpads and paw pads on larger teddies, make teddy bear clothing with it, and use it for dollhouse upholstery.

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Showing all 22 results

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